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Become a FODder (Friend of DENT) Today!





There are a number of ways to SUPPORT US financially (even one that you can name yourself). We will list you as a FODder, one of the esteemed believers in what we do and how we do it. We’ll even show you the secret handshake (or you can show us yours!) And we have a number of FODder categories for you to consider.

If your business would like to support us, we have a special DENT Business Partner Program. For more information, please click here.

Find a CATEGORY that’s just right for you:


Can't find a category that fits? Well, here's the place where you can work that out.

name it!

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We are One of the Above and some of us are both.


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We are More than Happy to Support DENT

but don’t need a bunch of Hoopla in announcing It.


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We either possess a Knack for Fixing Things, know somebody who can, or have high hopes to learn how ourselves.    


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Name IT

I Get to Name my own Category and Shout It Out to the World.


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Dumpster Diver

I/We have been known at times to be a Dumpster Diver and believe in resurrecting treasures.


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Game Changers

We Want to Help out as a Game Changer Extraordinaire!

$5000 and above

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