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So what kind of materials will we be collecting?



The short answer is All Kinds! We'll let you know when we begin. Our research shows that once we start the process, the floodgates shall open. Once DENT is funded and operational, we’ll run a donation center and retail store where you can find all kinds of materials… from TEST TUBES to STEEL BEAMS, LEATHER PELTS to GOLF BALLS, MISPRINTED STATIONARY, BIKE PARTS, JUNK JEWELRY, ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS...maybe even some things that we don’t have a name for, like THING-A-MA-BOBS and WHAT-CHA-MA-CALL-ITS (bits and parts of something that we can no longer identify but look pretty damn interesting).  DON'T Worry, we'll have some regular art supplies too!


You can think of DENT as an EXPERIMENTAL THRIFT STORE and LABORATORY FOR ARTISTS (and in case you don’t know, everyone is an artist in our book).

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