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  • What is a Creative Reuse Center?
    Creative Reuse Centers are non-profits that collect used and un-used materials (from people like you and from businesses, like yours) that are usually destined for the dump. WE DIVERT THESE MATERIALS FROM THE WASTE STREAM. Most of us operate a brick and mortar operation where we sell these items (cheaply) and encourage creative upcycling, (re-using the materials for creative purposes: everything from costumes, artwork, enhancing your yard and living space, to ‘making’ and ‘inventing’ things of all kinds. You are only limited by your imagination and your skills will increase with practice. At the end of the day, we like to use our hands and our brains!
  • What kind of materials will you collect and sell?
    All kinds of interesting materials… from test tubes to steel beams, leather pelts and fabric stashes to golf balls, misprinted stationary, bike parts, junk jewelry, old, odd and interesting objects, architectural salvage, beads and jewelry, hardware, (safe) industrial cast-offs, maybe even some things that we don’t have a name for, like thing-a-ma-bobs and what-cha-ma-call-its (parts of something that we can no longer identify but look pretty damn interesting). Don’t worry, we’ll have some regular art supplies too. Think of it as an experimental thrift store for artists (and in case you don’t know, everyone is an artist in our book).
  • Where will DENT be located?
    We don’t know yet but some place that’s big, accessible, and centrally located. In the meantime, we do pop-ups, conduct workshops, and are in the process of retrofitting the DMU (DENT Mobile Unit), a 1968 step van, that will bring DENT to all areas of the Winston Salem area.
  • Will you offer classes and workshops?
    YES! Our unique DENTevents programming, performances, and hands-on workshops will be geared towards fun-based creative learning. For instance, we might do a weekend workshop that combines Samba Dancing with Learning to Mig Weld! We can guarantee you won’t find programming like this anywhere else but here.
  • This sounds interesting! How can I get involved or find out more about DENT?
    You can volunteer, get on our mailing/email list, join our Facebook group, make a donation and become a FODder (Friend of DENT). You’ll sleep better at night for doing so! We also welcome your input. Contact us!
  • You're an Art Laboratory too? What's with that?
    Within the Creative Reuse model (that is over 30 years old at this point), we think there is plenty of room for 'encouraging creative activities.' Some of us have a lot of experience in making this happen; in forming collaboartive partnerships; and in making all kinds of art experiences occur.
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